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Contra Costa County 8th Most Dangerous Area in California

A recent list from the FBI listed the top 12 most dangerous communities in California. Sadly, Contra Costa shows up twice, with San Pablo at #8 and Antioch at #11, both with notable spikes in homicide. The Tyler Johnson Insurance Agency is concerned about these disturbing trends, and we are launching an ongoing campaign to provide support and empowerment to our local law enforcement and first responder teams.

Cracking Down on Crime

As Ambassadors for the #AgentsofChange network, we have always been committed to improving outcomes in the Contra Costa area. Faced with these disappointing statistics, our primary goal will be to support local initiatives that crack down on crime by ensuring our local law enforcement agencies are fully equipped. We will also be supporting our local first responders and firefighters through a series of similar programs.

This campaign will require a great deal of work, and we are asking for the assistance of all the residents in the Walnut Creek area.

Supporting Law and Order

We won’t be asking you for any donations – instead, we want you to help support this campaign by allowing us to share our commitment to law and order by inviting your friends, family, and neighbors to visit us here at the Tyler Johnson Insurance Agency. Everyone you refer will receive a complimentary insurance consultation, and we will issue a donation IN YOUR NAME to a local law enforcement or first responder program for every person you invite.

We Can Make a Difference

By working together, we can reverse this upward trend in local crime. Join us in supporting our local law enforcement and first responder teams, and let’s make sure the next FBI list doesn’t include our community!


Tyler Johnson
Tyler Johnson Insurance Agency

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