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Tyler Johnson Insurance and CASA of Contra Costa County in the NEWS!

Tyler Johnson Insurance Joins CASA of Contra Costa County in Charity Benefit to Provide Support to Abused and Neglected Children

Tyler Johnson Insurance Agency, an insurance management and financial consulting firm serving residents in the greater Walnut Creek region, is announcing a cooperative charity drive with CASA of Contra Costa County with the goal of providing for regional children from at-risk families

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The Tyler Johnson Insurance Agency, a California-based firm that provides insurance assistance and personal financial planning services to families and entrepreneurs in and around the Walnut Creek area, is initiating a joint charity drive in conjunction with CASA of Contra Costa County in an effort to assist neglected and abused children.

Nearly 1,000 children and young people in Contra Costa County face abuse, neglect, or an unsafe home life. Working with a dedicated team of volunteers, CASA of Contra Costa County helps ensure that these children receive one-on-one counseling with community peers as well as access to quality foster care.

“We believe that every child in our community deserves a safe and loving home, and we’re working with CASA to make sure no child falls through the cracks of the legal system,” says Tyler Johnson, founder and principal agent of Tyler Johnson Insurance Agency.

Johnson and his team are working to connect with the Walnut Creek region and share information about the CASA of Contra Costa County charity over dedicated email bulletins and social media channels. Future publicity efforts are scheduled to include a feature article on the event to be published in Tyler Johnson Insurance Agency’s online community interest magazine “Our Hometown”:

The Johnson Insurance team has worked to support a wide variety of charitable groups in the Walnut Creek area since late last year. As active participants in the “Agents of Change” charity assistance network, the firm plans to continue the policy of sponsoring a charity event for a new regional nonprofit every three months.

Information on how to be part of the charity drive to raise support for CASA of Contra Costa County has been made available by the Tyler Johnson Insurance Agency, and interested readers are invited to follow this link: Details on previous charity events sponsored by the Tyler Johnson Insurance Agency can be accessed from the firm’s Community Causes roster:

About Tyler Johnson Insurance Agency

As a Personal Finance Representative in Walnut Creek, agency owner Tyler Johnson knows many local families. His knowledge and understanding of the people in the Contra Costa community ensures that Tyler Johnson Insurance Agency clients are provided with an outstanding level of service. Tyler and his team look forward to helping families protect the things that are most important – family, home, car and more. Tyler Johnson Insurance also offers clients a preparation strategy for achieving their financial goals. To contact an expert at Tyler Johnson Insurance Agency, visit or call (925) 933-3100.